Wednesday, December 12, 2007

X-Factor #26 (Messiah Complex Chapter 7)

I really don't know what to say here. Messiah Complex has been awesome so far, and PAD is, as always, pretty great. He touched on almost every important beat and brought things a lot further-tension between Cyclops and Xavier, the new X-Force (and Warpath's relationship with Cable-poignant Father Figure motif coming into play!), even Predator X. My favorite scenes were Jamie and Layla in the future, which hasn't really progressed that far until now. PAD even takes the opportunity to create even more intrigue surrounding Layla Miller, who apparently does not show up as a mutant on the scanners in the future, but then does-sometimes. There's a good example of a character that I love enough that I don't care that I know nothing about her other than the things that she has said (which may or may not be lies).
As an always-avid Cable fan, I was really excited to find out about the role that he's playing in this crossover. However, I was a bit taken back last issue by Cyclops's assumption that Cable betrayed the team, and his impulse to hunt down his own son. In this issue, we get a little battle between Cable and The Reavers/Lady Deathstrike. We don't get to see how Deathstrike got from DC to Canada, or how she knew where Cable was, or even that he had the baby, and worst of all, we don't hear anything from Cable. 2 chapters after the reveal, I wish we'd at least get some insight into the character and his motivations.
But here's hoping that Cable and Gambit have some crazy big plan in mind that's going to blow us away.

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