Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wolverine #60

Straight-up: I hate Howard Chaykin's art. Everyone's chin is too big and square, and everyone looks the same. And Wolverine's arms are way too short and stocky. This issue actually bothered me the least so far of all of this Wolverine comics, but I still think it looks like something a nine-year old version of me, jacked up on Rob Liefeld and Jim Lee comics, would draw.
Too bad Marc Guggenheim's story is phenomenally captivating, touching on a ridiculous amount of Wolverine's history and making it all flow together seamlessly through a domino effect which leads him to present. At first, I wasn't so keen on the mysticism of Wolverine slaying Azrael, the Angel of Death, in combat in World War I, and the battle-in-his-soul that he must fight now every time he 'dies.' Once Gorgon and the Hand came into play, however, in addition to this whole Scimitar schism, I was sucked right back in. And the twist at the end of this is going to keep me going. Guggenheim has a great voice for Wolverine, and further perpetuates the notion that some kind of outside force has always been trying to manipulate him (and not just in this "Romulus" kind of way). Guggenheim did his research when he started writing Wolverine, and I'm excited to see how it pays off.
(PS-I totally think that Shogun is Azrael. Or else our visitor at the end. Just sayin')

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