Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Booster Gold #5

I'm not a very big DC fan. I think it's generally too full of cheesy sci-fi goofy super hero names and concepts (weakness by the color yellow? WTF? and whats with all this multiverse-reset crap, anyway?)
This is exactly why I should hate Booster Gold, and exactly why I love it.
Booster Gold takes all this ridiculous DC concepts, and makes them even more ridiculous, while imbibing it with a sense of humanity through its phenomenal cast. In this issue, Booster Gold is sent back in time to prevent the Joker from crippling Barbara Gordon, Batgirl, forcing to become Oracle-a crucial point in DC History.
Well, Booster fails. He can't rewrite history. And he tries; a lot. In fact, there's a phenomenal sequence of Booster going back, getting destroyed by the Joker, and being saved by Rip Hunter just before he dies, and then demanding that he go back to try again, until Rip simply won't allow it. All of this to prove a point: Booster can't save Ted Kord, his best friend, the Blue Beetle, because some things in history were meant to happen.
In this issue, we also get to meet our antagonists for the first time, with wonderfully ridiculous DC-type names that get me excited. We're also treated to an interesting variation on Rip's earlier claim to make us want to read the next issue.
Booster Gold is almost like a very human DC super hero parody, and that's why I love it. Furthermore, every single issue stands alone-they contribute to a larger story, but anyone can pick up any issue and figure out whats going on. There are no 4-to-6 part "story arcs," just some good ol' fun.
I wish we got to see whats up with Daniel this time though...

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