Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Nightwing #139

I started reading Batman strictly because Grant Morrison was writing it, and its been great. I decided to collect the entirety of the 'Resurrection of Ra's Al Ghul" storyline because I could, and because Grant's Batman was involved.
Unfortunately, it's been kind of dull. This was one of the better issues, however, where Robin, tempted by Ra's Al Ghul's offer of resurrecting his lost loved ones, tries to take a sample from the Lazarus Pit-simply put, Nightwing doesn't like the idea, and lets him know that Ra's is, in fact, and evil tempter. The back-and-forth between Dick and Tim is great, and really demonstrates the maturity difference between these two Robins, and culminates in a powerful moment for Tim Drake, a boy who has felt otherwise inadequate as of late. I-Ching also adds some delightful cheeky Zen one-liners into the mix to break up the tension and the back and forth.
The end of the issue had me excited for the final resolution of this crossover, however-is it wrong that I'm kind of starting to develop a crush on Talia Al Ghul? I don't want Batman's sloppy seconds....

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